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EXTREME Dance Studio Business Makeover
 Call us at: 203-545-7167
Extreme Studio Makeover - Level One
Extreme Dance Studio Business Makeover Services
Extreme Studio Makeover - Level Two
Extreme Studio Makeover - Level Three
Choose one issue that you want totally made over. We'll work with you to make that happen in a one hour conference call and a thirty minute follow up call or Skype video call. 

$ 797.00 ​ - Dance Teacher Web Members Save 10%

Choose up to three issues that you would like our team to make over and solve for you. This will be accomplished through three one hour conference or Skype video calls usually spaced out over a three week period and a thirty minute follow up call. Plus email access for thirty days and an easy to follow personalized business plan with clear proven strategies to take your studio to the next level. 

$ 4997.00 ​ -  Dance Teacher Web Members Save 10%

This is the whole enchilada. Our team comes to you for an intensive weekend to turn things around through a complete studio makeover with lasting results. Any way you look at it, change is in the air and we've got you covered. Call or email us for more information. Reserve your Extreme Studio Make Over dates now. Limited openings are still available, Call today...for a successful total makeover tomorrow! 

$ 9700.00  ​- Dance Teacher Web Members Save 10%

Discover amazing, effective time-tested ways to run your business!

What's included? An intensive examination and investigation to extract what makes your business great and what needs improvement! You'll get expert advice in business, staffing, customer retention, marketing and development. The makeover action plan includes easy to follow steps to help you put everything into motion. 
Follow up coaching calls keep your progress on track.

Extreme Dance Studio Business Makeover is proud to present three different options to get the job done. Now everyone can work with us on a level that they feel comfortable with. Here's your chance to make this year your best one ever!

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